Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 16

Week 16: Structure

Each time I did a Google Image search on this week's theme, there were always a few sets of robotic diagrams. Collage of the most structured materials in my grab bag of remnants: corrugated, metallic cardboard, recycled US Post envelope (complete with cancellation marks and automated zipcode markings), toothpicks, random robot instructions and labels in Pages, plus mini-headphones.


Great Court of the British Museum. Sketched (from a personal photograph) in green and black Sharpie inks on watercolour paper, with watercolour highlights.

Week 16: Structure II

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 15

Week 15: Vietnam

Sketch in black Sharpie on art canvas sheet, coloured with crayons. Original photo found via Google Images.


Thanh the moonbear. Paper collage, watercolour and black Sharpie on "calm" blue flint paper. Photo located on Google images.

Week 15: Vietnam II

Originally, the moonbear looked like this, but the image was deemed too 3D for the Challenge:

Week 15: Vietnam IIa

Thanh the moonbear has calmly caught her lunch. Assemblage art using chopsticks, long grain rice, sultana pieces, cashews and plastic "fish" soy sauce dispensers placed upon "calm" blue flint paper. (Of course, with further research, I discovered that the only fish moonbears might eat are ones they find dead and spent after spawning season.)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 14

Week 14: Whimsy

"Only ten hares left on his head." Green handmade paper rabbits collaged onto a watercolour, mounted onto red flint paper. Tails added in white, three-dimensional, Tulip "Puffy" paint. Shading on the rabbits in graphite pencil. (I've been dying to make use of the little freehand-cut rabbits - from Week 9's Texture - and yesterday I suddenly realised how whimsical they might be, especially being green.)


Freehand-cut, whimsical giraffe collage using handmade papers, plus a chenille stick mane and a necklace of "Jila" mints.

Week 14: Whimsy II

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 13

Week 13: Transport

"Taxee! Er, taxi!" Sketch in pencil over a light wash of pink and blue. Inked in black Sharpie and coloured with watercolours. What I enjoyed about doing this is that I splashed the diluted pink and blue paint onto the wet paper first, as a wash (then accidentally left it in the rain), so the dried background ended up being rather like a Mr Squiggle "squiggle" that I allowed to inform me just where the various elements would fall: ie. the placement of the box, the wheels, the girl's feet, the signpost, and even the teddy. It felt like the paper was telling me where to put everything.


"Transporter Room to Landing Party, one to beam down." A four-part piece of an Andorian from "Star Trek" beaming down to a planet. Drawn in black Sharpie onto watercolour paper, coloured with watercolours, two collaged paper templates, and silver glitter.

Week 13: Transport II

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Bonus Challenge

Tickle the Imagination magazine is running a bonus challenge this week, on the theme of "Cocoon". The upcoming winter issue will have a home focus, and 20 of the editor's favourite illustrations will be included in the issue.

Bonus Challenge: Cocoon

Cartoon sketched in black Sharpie, painted in watercolours. Brown paper and watercolour paper collaged onto handmade paper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Return of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, Week 12

Week 12 Costume
Week 12: Costume

"Science fiction media convention costume parade". All of these entrants are me - Tellarites, Andorians and Robin the Boy Wonder - based on photos from several decades of costume parades, drawn and painted in a Perth hotel room. Sketch inked in black Sharpie on watercolour paper, coloured in watercolours and metallic Signo.


"The Not-So-Happy Dragon." Based on an actual event - when I walked into a dressing room at a charity fundraiser, to put on my superhero costume, and met half a naked dragon! No one is supposed to see who's inside the St George Bank's Happy Dragon mascot. But I did - and now... so have you! Black and green Sharpie markers with watercolour on watercolour paper, collaged onto purple handmade paper.

Week 12: Costume II